The best people for the job
The role of legal advisors in the labour sector has changed dramatically over time, in relation to the diverse needs of companies and the numerous skills required for both traditional and untraditional management of human resources. No longer confined to a limited role as the defense in legal proceedings or in the phases prior to this, they now have a role which entails actual involvement in the evaluation of all possible and least riskiest options, in order to resolve a single case or a single corporate transaction.

The economic and financial crisis has also led to changes in the area of insolvency proceedings and the social security system.
Therefore an in-depth knowledge and experience in these areas, constitute the necessary framework to provide the assistance required.

Our legal practice has therefore developed a high degree of specialization not only in Corporate Organization, but also in disciplines outside the scope of Labour Law, such as Corporate, Bankruptcy and Taxation Law, which allows us to be able to count on a team of experts in each sector for each individual case.

In order to work effectively in an extremely competitive environment, we are constantly updating our knowledge. This allows us to provide timely and accurate answers, acquiring first-hand knowledge about the corporate organization and production entities, in order to advise on the best solutions possible.
Relationships with our clients are stable and continual, allowing us to gain comprehensive knowledge on the actual status of a company and its related company history by pooling together the experience and knowledge we have developed as part of our professional activities on behalf of numerous enterprises,
in these initial 25 years.

Labor law
  • Extrajudicial assistance in the form of consultancy and legal support in the area of individual and collective labour disputes and controversies arising in the social security system.
  • Corporate and industrial collective bargaining.
  • Industrial Relations.
  • Organization and management, also specifically regarding preparation of documents in accordance with the Legislative Decree of 8 June 2001 .231 on liability of legal persons and companies.
  • Safety and hygiene in the workplace.
  • Industrial restructuring, corporate reorganization and identification of social security benefits/unemployment insurance system funds.
  • Relationships with relevant Ministries and Social Security Institutions.
Bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings
  • Assistance to companies in the development of turnaround projects, identifying the most appropriate legal instruments for resolution of the crisis.
  • Assistance in the preparation and negotiation of restructuring plans.
  • Debt restructuring agreements, arrangements with creditors and bankruptcy agreements, also in relation to Extraordinary Administration procedures.
  • Assistance to investors in transactions for so-called distressed investments.
  • Assistance to all entities involved in bankruptcy proceedings both in litigation, and in relation to issues pertaining to the management of said proceedings.
Commercial law
  • Extrajudicial assistance in the form of advice and legal support in civil and ordinary proceedings and arbitration.
  • Assistance in drafting statutes and shareholders’ agreements.
  • Assistance in corporate restructuring (acquisitions, mergers, company sales and transfers, spin-offs and liquidations).
  • Due diligence proceedings.
  • Privacy Law.
Intellectual property law
  • Consultancy in the area of protection of intellectual property, in different sectors of cinema and audiovisual works, radio and television, publishing, music, web, visual arts and advertising.
  • Deposit of materials at S.I.A.E. and the U.S. Copyright Office.
  • Verification of ownership of intellectual property and assistance in negotiations.
  • Drafting and revision of national and international contracts concerning sales, licensing and transfer rights.
  • Legal and contractual consultancy for Product Placement.
  • Assistance in applying for state and European funding for film production.
  • Assistance in preparation of Media Plus projects.
  • Litigation and arbitration in ordinary proceedings.
  • Training in the field of copyright.
Information and communication law
  • Advice and assistance in the radio and television industry.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts for the sector.
  • Consulting in the field of Freedom of Press, criticism and defamation.
  • Consulting and protection of image rights and confidentiality.
  • Litigation and arbitration in ordinary proceedings.