About us

It was in 1989, on the impulse of founding partner Rosario Salonia, that a professional association, which still today boasts offices in both Rome and Milan, was created.
The firm operates at both national and European levels, providing judicial and extrajudicial assistance mainly in the sectors of Labour Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law and Infomation and Communications Technology Law.

Having attained significant experience in human resource management within a corporate environment, Mr. Salonia decided to set-up a law firm, whilst paying close attention to the choice of partners who would join him on his professional journey. This decision led him to choose his long-time friend and colleague Fabio Massimo Cozzolino. The motivation was simple: resolution of problems which occur essentially within a corporate framework.

All success stories have a turning point, which for us coincided with the affiliation of our brand with that of the prestigious legal practice Vassalli. This collaboration has brought us great success and has allowed us to benefit from the resources of valued colleagues.

Another milestone, was without a doubt, the opening of our offices in Milan, an offshoot which since 2004 has little by little, become an important operational hub, most importantly for the quality of work done there and for the acquisition of important new clients.

Nevertheless, stories are made up of men, and ours is distinguished by the humane and professional nature of the people who write ours every day. People who are the true authors of a narrative, which not only speaks of the present, but speaks into the future.